10 Podcasts I Like

podcasts i like

podcastsDo you listen to podcasts? I do! In fact, many of my conversations begin with, “I was listening to this podcast . . . .” I love to hear recommendations for great shows and thought you might too. So here you go, my podcast pics. (The first five are general appeal, the last five are niche podcasts.)

  1. This American Life. Each week, Ira Glass of NPR hosts this show of stories. There are usually three stories per episode, connected (sometimes more directly than others) to a central theme. The show runs for about an hour, or roughly one roundtrip of my commute. I listen to this one the day it airs and anticipate the next one like I used to await the continuation of my favorite tv shows that dared to end with the dreaded “To Be Continued” screen. It’s always worth the wait.
  2. This is Your Life. Michael Hyatt offers advice on a wide variety of topics from how to use Evernote to relationship tips. He’s got a great voice–you can hear his smile through the microphone–and offers practical guidance that I’ve really found beneficial. His show is about 30 minutes and is co-hosted currently by Stu McLaren.
  3. All Together. This HuffPost podcast hosted by Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush tackles all things religious. (Wonder if Rev. Paul is related to Justice Brandeis . . . I’ve got no idea.) He has guests from many different religions, including Christianity, but not limited to that faith. I enjoy hearing people talk about their beliefs and how those concepts inform life choices. I’ve heard Nadia Bolz-Weber and Joan Chittister along with many other great theologians. The show is roughly 30 minutes long.
  4. The New Yorker: Political Scene. This is where I learn about current events. The New Yorker’s Executive Editor Dorothy Wickenden hosts an assortment of guests on this well-researched news program. I don’t always agree with her stance, but I always learn something new during this quick 20 minute show.
  5. TED Talks Audio: I’m a hopeless binge watcher of the speakers at ted.com and have been known to . . . let’s say “invest” . . . hours moving from one video to the next. (Don’t judge.) This audio version allows me to feed my addiction on the go. The podcast is 20 minutes or less and packs a wallop of information in that short time.
  6. I Teach Blogging. I really appreciate host Renee’s straight forward approach. I feel as if we are having a conversation; she’s so authentic and relatable. I’ve learned quick tips that I’ve applied immediately on my blog. (I get her newsletter too.) The show varies in length but is typically under 20 minutes.
  7. Blogging your Passion. Jonathan Milligan hosts this great podcast that has offered me tips on blogging but also life tips in general. The podcasts are about 20 minutes long, sometimes less. Like Renee at I Teach Blogging, Jonathan speaks from such rich experience that I enjoy hearing whatever he has to say. Plus, he’s got a great voice!
  8. The Quick and Dirty Tips Podcasts. This franchise has all kinds of short podcasts, each with its own station. I like the grammar one best because, I mean, GRAMMAR! Mignon Fogarty, the host, loves grammar like I love it, except she’s smarter. Way smarter. She discusses things I’ve never considered and where grammar is concerned, that’s quite a feat. Other Q&D podcasts are on cooking, dog training, money, you name it. The nutrition one is another one I listen to frequently. And I’ve tried a couple of others but they don’t suit my interests like these two. Check them out. They last less than 15 minutes so you can listen to a whole episode while you clean up your kitchen. (Unless of course your kitchen is like mine; then you might need to check out the This American Life‘s extended shows . . . )
  9. Half Size Me. Heather Robertson lost half of her weight about five years ago and has maintained a healthy weight ever since. She created this podcast in an effort, I believe, to process her own success while encouraging others along the journey. Her premise is that we should develop habits that we can sustain throughout our lives, rather than give in to the temptation of fads and gimmicks. Makes sense, doesn’t it? She has a different guest each week on her hour long show.
  10. Pulpit Fiction. Talk about a niche podcast: this one is for folks who follow the Revised Common Lectionary in their churches. These two guys talk about the texts for the week and give insight into the background and application of the texts. I. Love. It. Even if you aren’t a preacher, you would likely enjoy this one in preparation for Sunday, or for, ya know, life. The hosts, Revs. Robb McCoy and Eric Fistler, have great banter and interactions, although, I confess I can’t tell their voices apart. (My ears are not terribly discerning . . . particularly when it comes to disembodied voices. ) Still, I like Robb and Eric and often finish the podcast wishing it would go on another hour or so. Good stuff.

Your turn! Which podcasts do you recommend?

By Aileen MItchell Lawrimore

Aileen Mitchell Lawrimore is a mother x 3, wife x 35 (years not men), minister, speaker, writer, retreat leader, and lover of beagles and books. She has a lot to say.