Margaret the Graduate

Margaret the graduate
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Preschool Graduation, Spring 2003

Over the years, my youngest daughter has inspired a number of blog posts. Today, her graduation day, I thought I’d unearth some of my favorites. Here’s to the class of 2016; here’s to our joy-bringer; here’s to Margaret Aileen!

  1. The one about waiting for her.
  2. The one about her second birthday.
  3. The one about her first day of Kindergarten.
  4. The one about the hurricane.
  5. The one about Giggles.
  6. The one about the cute and sassy sides.
  7. The one about the shoes.
  8. The one about the ice.
  9. The one about the dress code.
  10. The one about her.
High School Graduation 2016
High School Graduation 2016, with older siblings Baker and Trellace



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